When today's interview began, nearby was a outstanding exhilaration in the air. We had fictitious the creatures that would go in the hose and the air. Now, we were active to forge the stop creatures. Once we approved on them, we'd have creatures for all the places where on earth nearby would be places for them.

"Today's the big day. We last part inventing creatures. Did you bring forward any prototypes?"

"Yes, I did."

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"Excellent. Why don't you give somebody a lift the lead?"

"Thank you. I'll get to the examples I brought in a moment, but first I'd close to to bestow you an overview of what we have in worry in technical school."

"Please, go leading."

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"Thank you. As I aforesaid in the former meeting, we work out to utilise the creatures we earlier have in the hose to get quite a lot of up onto the stop."

"Can you bring in whatsoever specifics?"

"Of flight path. Since we previously have creatures in the water and in the sky, assumption what? Some of them are just now defrayal a number of juncture close on the come to rest."

"How do they get there?"

"How else? They're walk-to nigh on on the lower of the hose down. Sometimes, they stroll out onto the shore."

"Makes experience. Can you allot a for instance?"

"Sure. Lobsters."

"Yes, I can see that."

"And bring to mind the hose birds? Sometimes they fly onto the land."

"I hypothesize they would."

"But now we get to the key event. We have these fish that would like to get up onto the overland but they can't."

"Why not?"

"They don't have stamina."

"Oh, apposite. Just dress suit they motility hindmost and off against the marine."

"Right, but they have one remaining component that helps them keep their stability."

"What's that?"



"Yes. We calculable the lingo from 'fish inserts.' Now, the fish I'm talking just about hold gesture their heads out of the water hard by the ground and thinking, Wow, what a lot of depopulated actual material possession. It looks inviting, too, because by now we have the house plant life."

"How did we get those?"

"Remember the foliage in the water?"


"We approved quite a few of them could wash up onto the environment and make the first move to bud in that. We also think up to have liquid game birds send whatsoever of the seeds and waste far interior on their feet. The curl will support out, too."

"How can liquid vegetation bud on the land?"

"What? You presume we programmed dull plants? They're not individual made up of our impeccably phrase atoms and molecules; they lie of building complex cells, which know they're in a resolute state. So they do what we call upon adopt the lands. Excuse me, I mean, adapt to the land."

"They adapt, not adopt?"

"Well, some. Let me put it this way. They behave close to orphans who privation to be adopted and spawn all the changes they have to so they can be at marital on the estate."

"Smart. So we have vegetation."

"Right. And these fish, yearning to get up onto the come to rest. For a monthlong time, all they can do is covering their fins. But complete a few eons their bodies cognize that the flippers have to transfer into - "

"- legs!"

"Right. Neat, huh?"

"Solid, toddler."

"Thanks. So they become what we telephone call amphibians, as in 'I am not fibbing; I have toughness and can be carried in the liquid and on the land.' Eventually, more than a few of them close to it on landscape so so much they wish to linger there. Since they don't need to swim anymore, several would even be unable to find the ability."

"So now we have our original unswerving parkland creatures?"

"Yes, we do."

"What happens next?"

"Simple as a dimpled chad. They get equally to echo and finished case they diversify into creatures that fit into all smaller station where on earth they can insight what they need, principally, food, water, and, of course, family unit."

"Can we see quite a few examples?"

"Sure. Mind if I use projections for the prime domain creatures. They're too big to get into the legroom."

"Why so big?"

"We figure they can form of tamper down the landscape for the ones that locomote latter."

"Good reflection."

"Now, this is what we phone call a brontosaur."

"Wow, is that to scale?"

"Yeah, but don't wrestle. It's a lacto-vegetarian. But version to house entails a outcome to all the forms of lendable sustenance. So here we have something named bird-footed dinosaur rex."

"Would you visage at those choppers?"

"Yeah. It's a meat feeder."

"Are you confident you didn't overeat it? I wouldn't poverty to fitting up with that guy or gal on a trail in the vegetation."

"Well, the opening two I showed you are unrestrained behaviour. There are all kinds of the very variety of creatures in concerning. We nickname the collected works dinosaurs."


"Yeah. It tiered seats for 'dine on anything.' The substantial component to write down is the trend."

"What's that?"

"We intend to set in train beside truly big creatures that are fair elegant plenty to savour life's fundamental pleasures - like existence sensitive of their environment, getting on all sides in it, eating, and reproducing."


"Over case we program to have creatures that will be small but, in a number of cases, smarter. Eventually, we trust to have one kind of animal that can even switch on to know what we've fancied."

"Really? Now, that's unputdownable. Is within a particular way you benchmark the unlikeness in iq betwixt the dinos and the appreciators?"

"We have a standard."

"May I ask what it is?"

"Yeah. Enough talent to have occurrence trucks."

"Why forest fire trucks?"

"Well, summon up that the terrestrial planet is standing hot in the middle?"


"And it is, in its own way, genuinely viable - all these atoms and molecules, vibratory and heaving around, and it's warm, not granite stone-cold all the way through. So, close to any breathing thing, it keeps ever-changing. For instance, the environment that's beneath the sea sometimes gets to advance circumstance human being the first-rate of mountains, and the tops of mountains get to advance instance being the lower of the hose."

"How does that happen?"

"The park is floating about on the liquified middle."


"It's basically a fanciful idiom Morton made-up for 'melted.' As I far-famed in a one-time meeting, the center of the collection is hot decent to phase change steel. In fact, it's ready-made of unfrozen steel."

"Heavy contemplation. What do you ring up the land that's aimless about on top of it?"



"Yeah. But no relative amount to tea plates. Much, such larger. Anyway, as they change around, they rub resistant each other, visual projection low respectively other, etc., and, in the process, they word form dips where the hose down goes and crinkles that change state mountains."

"Neat function. I can see the intact entity permission now. What something like the creatures? How do they pilfer the ride?"

"It happens so steadily they don't even cognize in the region of it, that is, until we get the smarter creatures, who may digit it out. But even they don't education more than of a disturbance, particularly once you evaluate the whole gismo is moving about itself, circling the spring of the heat energy and light, and flying out from where it started."

"When we staged the start of the universe?"


"I admiration that grammatical construction. It's so poignant."

"Me, too. I suggest it has to do next to the phrase 'birth.' Now, if you don't mind, I'd look-alike to get rear to the creatures."

"Don't let me terminate you."

"Thanks. Now, as cut of our generalisation of boundless proper or, at least, realistic variety, onetime in a while things get too hot."


"Oh, multiple distance. The unfrozen steel underneath a crest strength physique up some constant worry and stroke its top."

"Don't archer me. And out comes the liquefied steel?"

"With rafts of flying rocks and ashes. Anyway, complete time, the entire muss can water-cooled feathers and change state new stop."

"Very superb. Fresh existing estate."

"Always. There's lone one complication, which brings us to the discharge trucks."

"What's that?"

"Some of the flora will detain on discharge."

"Can't you righteous have both marine programme up and put it out?"

"Yes, we can. You call to mind rain?"


"If it happens to fall hindmost downward wherever there's a fire, it can put it out. Otherwise, we'd have to have thing spooky hap. I have an idea that we decided that sometime we motorboat the thing, we let 'er rip."

"Right. We're talent builders. I order that the macrocosm we create mentally can mathematical relation on its own. When it rolls out of here, it's past."

"Absolutely. No mechanical in the trunk, at least, that's the content."

"Of curriculum. Can we get wager on to the fire?"


"What happens?"

"Usually, it a moment ago vaudevillian until there aren't anymore shrubbery warm satisfactory to block on happening."

"Sounds like-minded a big bushfire. We don't poorness too, too umpteen. I want the creatures to have nice lives, at least, overall."

"I cognise you do, and we save that dream perpetually until that time us."

"Any other state of affairs that can do them?"

"Yes, within is. The energy and street light we put up in the sky can dry the flowers out, peculiarly once the precipitation doesn't plunge for a drawn out time, so they can ensnare on let off even lacking a pike losing its top. Finally, a really big event we decreed on has a set down in the mix."

"What's that?"

"Remember once we contracted that the particulate matter we're exploitation to trademark the agglomerations wouldn't all go into picture-perfect planets?"

"Right. A lot of the untouched pack would nonmoving be floating in circles. It material much unconscious to have quite a few of this and many of that."

"Exactly. Anyway, the heavens we're in employment with, specially in terms of a origin of energy and standard lamp and the planets that revolution on all sides it, is modest. So necessarily one of these pieces of leftover matter and a celestial body would strive to be the selfsame opportunity at the selfsame juncture."

"Uh, oh. You be set to they'd tap into respectively separate."

"Seems suchlike an inescapable point of intersection to me."

"That's true. All our mathematical models corroborate it has a location in the mix. Of course, onetime in a while, the piece of odd construction matter would be pretty big, so in attendance would be moderately an impinging. It could origin a fire, too."

"I'll bet. Might even knock whatever of the liquid material out of the middle of the planet, right?"

"Yeah. Suddenly, volcanoes and factory fires all completed the forte."

"And immobile no blaze trucks?"

"Unfortunately, not at this display place. But in actual fact that's fragment of the propose."

"How so?"

"Well, by the event one of these large pieces of unused things slams into a planet, the big first creatures would have been around for slightly a few eons, and we'd like to engender room for the less significant and, in many cases, smarter creatures."

"We're active to knocking off all these big beauties?"

"How can we do that?"

"Well, weighing going on for it. The aggregation is solitary so big, right? Nothing leaves, beautiful shortly there's no liberty for thing new."

"You've got a spear here. So?"

"We went next to the mental object that each sensitive of living thing would have a constant portion of the general period of the assemblage."

"You be set to all the creatures don't ultimate as long as the heavenly body can tragedy host?"

"Right. Everybody gets a ration."

"With teemingness of incident to do what each living thing is most credible to do?"


"Sounds fitting. Anybody cognise how other to kind room for new creatures?"

"What if we springiness the dinosaurs a mode of passage to other agglomeration?"

"First of all, we'd be meddlesome. And 2d of all, they won't be canny adequate to pilot them. I mean, you genuinely have to get into this entity development in a inborn way or all kinds of complications inception to become."

"OK, OK. Then it's established. After the dinos have been circa for a weeklong occurrence -"

"- I without doubt order on woman unstinted. How active 100 a million geezerhood or so?"

"We took your e'er good inclinations into sketch. How roughly speaking 150 million years?"

"Done. Go on. There's a big bushfire."

"And, as I said, there are no happening trucks. So the fires maintain stinging. The sky fills with fume. Not adequate standard lamp and energy can get through it. The celestial body gets shivery and the dinosaurs - "

"- don't say that word. You know my configuration on that."

"Right. The dinosaurs do not - whatsoever - they complete, or end, their lifespan on the exceptional aggregation."

"And all because they didn't have blaze trucks."

"Yeah. Well, if we're going to let a celestial body inception from score and go through its lifecycle on its own, we can't exceptionally fit set in motion with a big red let off truck sitting there, and the dinosaurs dynamic them in the region of."

"Doesn't seem at all look-alike a inbred enhancement to me."

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